Anxious wait after Sydney toddler medivaced from Bali after near-drowning in swimming pool

A toddler who scarcely drowned in a Bali swimming pool has landed in Perth for puncture medical diagnosis as her family face a distressing wait to find out if she has mind damage.

The family of a three-year-old lady had to lift a $40,000 dollars to account a special medivac moody home with a assistance of inexhaustible strangers.

Kawa Sweeney overwhelmed down in Perth after a harrowing and heart-wrenching moody from a Indonesian holiday island.

Three-year-old Kawa Sweeney. Source: Supplied
The Sydney toddler landed behind in Perth for puncture medical treatment. Source: 7 News

Ground crews and paramedics were there to cradle a Sydney toddler, kindly loading her into a behind of an ambulance.

A home video shows a Kawa her family knows best, a happy immature lady spinning and singing in joy.

But that all came to a comfortless end, when a small lady was found comatose in a pool on a family’s Bali vacation.

The happy and dancing Kawa on home video. Source: 7 News
Kawa (left) with her father and one-year-old sister. Source: 7 News

A alloy who was surfing with Kawa’s father during a time listened a turmoil and rushed to help.

  • Perth alloy helps save life of small lady who scarcely drowned in Bali

Dr Grant Booth achieved CPR for over an hour and managed to get her heart violence again.

Cottesloe surgeon Grant Booth achieved CPR on Kawa for some-more than an hour. Source: 7 News
A GoFundMe page has already lifted $75,000 for Kawa’s puncture depletion and medical expenses. Source: 7 News

Kawa’s aunt Christine Walsh was overcome with tension as she praised those people who helped keep her niece alive.

“Just so, so impossibly beholden for him and a people around that were means to save her life,” she told 7 News.

But a family’s problems were usually only commencement as Kawa indispensable to get behind to Australia quickly.

Her family was told they indispensable to compensate $42,000 before a medical moody could take off. And there would be serve medical expenses.

“No difference really, only to contend appreciate you,” Kawa’s aunt Christine Walsh pronounced of a GoFundMe donations. Source: 7 News

A GoFundMe page was set adult to assistance and in reduction than 24 hours it had lifted some-more than $75,000.

The munificence was too most for Ms Walsh, who said, “There’s no difference really, only to contend appreciate we so much… appreciate you.”

Back home in Australia, Kawa stays in a coma during Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital.

Her family is still watchful to hear a latest on her condition and either she suffered mind damage.

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