Anna has trafficked a world, and found some surprises in Bali. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Anna has trafficked a world, and found some surprises in Bali. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

IT’S a island described by many as a “pearl of Indonesia”, and a much-loved Australian holidayspot.

Having review Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love book and seen a blending film starring Julia Roberts, Bali captivated me with a promises of pleasing view and good beaches. So of course, we usually had to check this enchanting place out for myself.

While researching activities, we stumbled on a lot of reviews claiming that Bali had mislaid a attract and turn a place for possibly celebration people or yoga fanatics.

Writing this post some-more than a month after my visit, we came to a end that a island of Bali can be anything we wish it to be, depending on how propitious we get. In my case, we gifted many sides of Bali — a good, a bad, and a ugly.


Architecture: As a informative historian, we unequivocally enjoyed pushing or walking around Bali and simply looking around. The island has implausible design wherever we look, generally in Ubud.

Even a elementary blockade in Bali looks like a work of art, generally when it is surrounded by statues of animals. Balinese people also sell some extraordinary wooden sculptures, yet a cost of shipping them behind home is substantially enormous.

Awesome design abounds. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Awesome design abounds. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Fashion: Bali is famous for a normal wardrobe for women. Almost any lady wears a same outfit in opposite colours and they demeanour positively stunning! we attempted to find it for sale all over a island yet unsuccessful miserably so we can’t give any recommendation on where to go selling for this normal outfit.

Bright and abounding colours. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Bright and abounding colours. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Amazing rituals: The initial time we saw a Balinese approach was on my approach to downtown Ubud. The transport was totally blocked by during slightest 50 people streamer to a temple.

As a result, a whole transport was blocked and while a trade jam was enormous, a affability of a locals and their bargain was incredible. Everyone usually waited patiently and smiled to any other while a approach passed.

Now thats a trade jam with a difference. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Now that’s a trade jam with a difference. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Welcoming locals: Bali really relies on tourism, yet a internal people aren’t crude when it comes to tipping and don’t seem to slice we off. When we rented a motorist to take us on a debate around southern Bali, we asked to see Balinese trinket being made.

While a motorist didn’t know any shops that could uncover me, he had a cousin who usually happened to be a trinket maker. He done a few phone calls, took us to accommodate him and his friends, and they showed us everything. So good of them!

Monkeys: If you’ve been following my blog we know I’m crazy about wildlife and we really like monkeys, even if one gorilla indeed bit me. In Bali, monkeys live everywhere, not usually in a Monkey Forest, yet flattering many around any temple. Some of them competence hiss during we if we don’t give them any food, yet they’re still adorable.

Nap time. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Nap time. Picture: Anna Lysakowska


Departure fee: Paying for a visa to enter a nation seems satisfactory for many travellers, yet a depart taxation usually annoys them. In Bali we have to compensate both — an entrance price ($41) and a depart fee. we saw a lot of people in difficulty since they didn’t save adequate income to compensate it and usually a internal banking was accepted. Save 150,000 rupiah (approximately $20) for when we leave a nation to compensate this tax.

Avoid Kuta unless we wish to party. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Avoid Kuta unless we wish to party. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Kuta and southern Bali: Kuta and a surrounding area is not a place to go for a relaxing holiday. It’s overcrowded, really commercialised, and full of immature people who wish to party.

If that’s something you’re looking for afterwards you’re going to have a good time, yet it wasn’t what we was after. The beach there also didn’t stir me really much.

Kuta. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Kuta. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Corruption: If you’re visiting Bali, we need to have possibly a automobile or a engine scooter in sequence to get around. we chose to lease a scooter as it was inexpensive (only $6 a day) and seemed easier to ride. we was super vehement about my scooter, yet instead we got into an collision initial and afterwards got attacked by a police.

Let me tell we a story here … The initial mistake was mine, we gathering a scooter into a wall with my ex-boyfriend sitting on a behind since we didn’t know that my left palm stop didn’t work.

I didn’t do any repairs to a scooter, usually to myself when we roughly totally private a skin from my right arm and got outrageous bruises, yet no large deal. Aside from this accident, we had fun pushing around Ubud.

When we rented a scooter in Sanur and attempted to get to Kuta, it was a totally opposite story.

Watch out for hurtful cops. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

Watch out for hurtful cops. Picture: Anna Lysakowska

The procession was a same: Pay $6, uncover your driver’s licence, and you’re prepared to go.

However, we were stopped by a military in a dim dilemma of a highway roughly instantly. They claimed we missed a light and demanded an general driver’s looseness from me. When we pronounced we didn’t have one, they pronounced we would have to compensate a fine.

I theory any forgive was good adequate in sequence to direct some income from me. When we asked if we could compensate this ‘fine’ somewhere during a military hire or justice with tangible documentation, they pronounced it’s not probable since I’d have to wait too long.

As it unfortunately turns out, a military are really hurtful and when we told a story to any local, they knew now what had happened to us, as a military ordinarily targets white tourists on scooters.


I contingency contend we favourite Bali. As we can see, there are approach some-more certain things that we can contend about Bali and I’d really advise we to check it out. we would suggest going to Ubud over Kuta or Sanur though, yet again it all depends of what do we wish to experience.

You can review some-more about Anna’s adventures during her website

The Mulia in Bali is famous as one of a many lush transport destinations in a world.

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