Aman Resorts and Bali Zoo: A dream-like, crowd-free week in Bali

Caroline Gladstone finds her tranquillity in Bali. Her dream-like week starts with dual nights during Amanusa.

  • The three-tiered categorical pool unaware a Lombok Strait during Amankila.

  • Amankila’s three-tiered pool is set into a precipice edge.

  • The review of Amankila is forged into a bank with cloud-swathed Mount Agung in a distance.

  • A pool apartment during a Amanusa.

  • A villa bedroom with four-poster bed during Amanusa.

  • Balinese girls during Amankila

Local Business

The automobile arrives during 7am to drive us off to Bali Zoo, a place we would never have suspicion of visiting had my sister not endorsed it a few days earlier.

We arrive before a zoo, 15 mins south of Ubud, even opens for a Breakfast with a Orang-utans experience and are given a series three.  This turns out to be intensely propitious as we’re a third organisation of about 100 participants to step adult for a personal meet-and-greet event with a witty primates.

It’s positively “hands-on” as a critters are flattering penetrating to cuddle and fist us, or a necklaces and sunnies, and my heart melts when one of them takes my palm for an sexual fist and we shake for a while. It’s indeed his foot!

Three immature orang-utans (aged 4 and five) are on uncover this morning and we’re given a inexhaustible 10 mins to interact, while keepers are happy to take a consistent tide of photos and videos. We’re told they have 87 per cent tellurian DNA and that’s sincerely apparent as they play adult to a camera with those large soulful eyes and one immature fellow, Cecil, throws himself about like a toddler with ADHD.

Breakfast is a tasty widespread of Western and Balinese dishes (and unconstrained cups of glorious Balinese coffee) and thereafter there is time to ramble around a enclosures (which vaunt usually Indonesian animals and birds) before a zoo’s automobile drops us behind during a hotel.

Like many Australians, I’ve been to Bali several times, mostly in a super-sultry feverishness of a soppy season. This time we wanted a brew of resting downtime and a few clearly opposite activities. Arriving in early October, during a tail finish of a propagandize holidays means we avoided a humidity, a hordes and a high airfares.

And being holed adult during 3 Aman Resorts over a week’s stay is not usually a final word in oppulance though a good approach of saying a satisfactory volume of a island.

Founded in 1988 by Adrian Zecha, a hotelier of Indonesian and Czech descent, Aman Resorts are good determined in Indonesia with 5 properties.  “Aman” means peace, reserve or confidence in languages including Sanskrit, Hindi and Persian and a Balinese locations are good selected to broach this.

The dream-like week starts with dual nights during Amanusa (meaning pacific island), on a towering a few kilometres from a gated and manicured five-star enclave of Nusa Dua. Security is usually as parsimonious here and a cab is checked with investigation mirrors and a names are given to a officer on duty.

From there on it’s tranquillity as we spin adult usually in time for afternoon tea, that is served in a pavilion teetering above a enormous pool (a broad 30 block metres) and with a perspective to a sea beyond.

The Aman demeanour is classic, and rather minimalist – a thought is a beauty of a healthy vicinity speaks for itself. There are no accepting desks and lobbies, and positively no leaflet racks tangled with charming flyers of tours and internal restaurants. There are, however, about 5 staff for any guest and, whenever we wish a staff member, one seems to miraculously appear.

We arrive with a lax devise to sup a initial night in any review and afterwards strike a circuitously heart (which are all about 4 kilometres) divided and easy to reach as Aman provides a nominal send into city and back) for a night in a internal restaurant.

When it non-stop in 1992, Amanusa stood on a possess on a small hill; nowadays it’s lapped by a new 18-hole Bali National Golf Club. However, a views are still sincerely unrestricted, save for a peculiar derrick in a stretch where nonetheless another Nusa Dua review is underneath construction. But in this willing universe of usually 30 suites and villas, we could be anywhere.

The room has a muslin-draped four-poster bed, outside showering and fallen bath and additional patio with day bed. My favourite hold is a smoothness of early-morning tea by a petite lady balancing dual teapots, tea cups and divert mammillae on a tray on her off-hand head. And a jeep rides to a resort’s beach – beautifully raked and set out with a private cabana for any guest – arenot to be sneered during either.

From Amanusa it’s a 90-minute private send to review series dual – Amandari (peaceful angel) set high above a Ayung River fill in a encampment of Kedewatan, a few kilometres from Ubud.

Designed as a normal Balinese village, villas are accessed around small laneways bordered by moss-covered mill walls and rhythmical by statues of warriors, famous as dvarapala. The dedicated volcanic towering of Agung looms in a stretch over a perpetually pool and high pathways lead down by a jungle to a stream on that white-water rafters whoosh by.

Once again there are usually 30 villas and suites, some with their possess pools and some with  several bedrooms. Dotted  around a skill are small pavilions ideal for lazing about – a one by a library is really quiet, indeed – while a daily protocol of afternoon tea takes place on rugs, propped adult by countless cushions, by a categorical pool.

Ubud is obvious as Bali’s informative centre and it’s here we get a small creative. I’d pre-booked a Paon Cooking Class and right on report during 8.15am a cooking propagandize minibus turns up. The five-hour knowledge starts with a debate of Ubud’s food market, followed by a stop during a rice paddy (owned by a driver’s family) before streamer to a home of Puspa who run a classes.

Paon Cooking category is a well-oiled machine; Puspa, a lady with wit and charm, has been conducting a classes for 8 years after a career as a chef.

For about $37 it has to be one of a best mornings I’ve ever spent and my vegan crony is also singing a praises. We cut, clout and prepare for some time though it’s fun as we discuss and giggle with many in a organisation of 30 or so ubiquitous travellers.  When all a credentials is over we tuck into gado gado, tuna in banana leaf, duck satays, a curry or dual and several salads, finale with banana fritters in coconut cream.

After a zoo visit, we leave Ubud and conduct easterly to one of a some-more remote areas of Bali. Our third resort, Amankila (peaceful hill) is forged into a precipice unaware a Lombok Strait, and by distant a many thespian of all a settings.

Again we arrive usually in time for afternoon tea, this time served in an alcove unaware a three-tiered perpetually pools, a waters of any cascading into a pool below. It’s a fantastic sight; in a circuitously stretch we can see Nusa Penida island and on a transparent day, there’s a glance of Lombok.

The pattern here is clearing Arabesque and we adore it, while many of a ornaments and facilities in a room are fashioned from mother-of-pearl. A yield is a nominal morning yoga category in a thatched pavilion by a ocean. Our instructor is a proponent of “laughing yoga” and it’s an spreading knowledge as he coaxes us to join him in a quick, though intense, hitch of low swell laughing. After yoga, we take a drop in a circuitously beach bar pool (yes this review has 4 pools!) and have a many tasty fish tacos for lunch.

We could let this oblivion dawdle on perpetually – fibbing in pavilions by a pool as staff offer drinks and afternoon tea – and fibbing in cabanas on a black silt beach, though my middle diehard says we contingency get out and explore.

So after some internet surfing (in a library) and a still word to a concierge, we order an engaging and pretty labelled (about $60 a person) private debate of easterly Bali, that takes us to several H2O palaces and temples before we conduct home to Australia.




Garuda Indonesia fly daily to Bali (Denpasar) from Sydney/Melbourne. The moody is usually under six hours. Fares change though normal about $599 lapse in a low deteriorate of November. See


Aman Resorts has 3 oppulance properties in Bali. Daily rates start during about $916, including breakfast and hotel and inter-resort transfers. Various packages offer 3 review deals where extras such as bicycle rides or cooking classes are provided. See


The Paon Bali cooking category runs daily in Ubud in a morning and afternoon (no marketplace revisit in a afternoon) for $37 (see Breakfast with a Orang-utans is hold daily during Bali Zoo. The cost, including hotel pick-up and ubiquitous admission, is about $60 (see Several operators yield half and full-day eastern Bali tours; negotiate with hotels for good prices.

Caroline Gladstone trafficked pleasantness of Aman Resorts and with assistance from Garuda Indonesia. She paid for her tours in Bali.

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