Airline leaves roughly whole flight’s luggage behind in Bali – 9News

Over 60 passengers aboard an Malindo Air moody from Bali to Brisbane have been left stranded though their container after a airline left it behind.

The moody was scheduled to leave Denpensar during midnight (AEST) today, though was behind for dual hours as technicians attempted to work out what a commander described as a “weight discrepancy” aboard a plane.

Passengers who’d already boarded a moody were forced to wait as belligerent organisation sorted out a issue. On board, all 3 toilets we also out action, as Malindo Air technical staff bound that emanate too.

Just before 2am, a commander told passengers they had “fixed a weight issue” and departed. But it wasn’t they arrived during Brisbane International Airport 5 hours later, and passengers were watchful during a container depot that they realised their bags were missing. 63 passengers had no container during all.

Passenger Ashlee Perry and her father Amit Chacko had only gotten married in Bali.

“We saw about 14 people collect adult their luggage, afterwards that’s it, a carousel stopped,” Mr Chacko said.

“They called out overhead, there are no some-more bags, and to greatfully see container services.”

“They had attempted to make my wife, Ashleigh check in her marriage dress behind in Indonesia too. Luckily, she refused.”

Passengers were told to hit container services after training their luggage was left in Bali. (9NEWS)

Passengers were told to hit container services after training their luggage was left in Bali. (9NEWS)

His wife, Ashlee was furious.

“We sat on a craft for scarcely dual hours waiting! And no approach to promulgate with a pickup in Brisbane!”

“Then a staff were so bold revelation us no where to put my marriage dress. She told me to smash it a luggage area with other people bags.”

“Then comes behind after after saying me dissapoint and says ok we will put it during a front and I’m like ‘what we’ll it’s too late now it’s already squished adult there!'”

“Then we land and this happens with bags with no communication to us or anyone! More watchful and frustration! By this time I’d had no nap and food was disgusting. And we all only see a pilots and staff withdrawal with theirs bags ok!”

It’s misleading either airline staff unloaded a container behind in Indonesia to scold a “weight issue”, or a luggage only never done it on a flight.

Malindo Air in Australia nor the domicile in Malaysia, could be contacted for comment.

Balinese reporters operative for 9NEWS pronounced Malindo Air intends to fly their luggage on another moody out tonight to Brisbane.

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