Acrobat breaks neck after wire snaps during opening in Bali

An acrobat has been left bed-ridden and with a damaged neck, after descending when a wire snapped during an aerial opening in Bali.

American Sam Panda, 26, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was behaving on an aerial hoop during Finns Beach Club on Canggu Beach when a collision occurred.

The hard-to-watch footage of a occurrence was recorded on a performer’s possess camera that was placed a stretch away.

Panda behaving her set before a accident.Photo: YouTube

In a harrowing video, Panda, who has been behaving for roughly a decade, can be seen twirling around a hoop dangling 13-feet (about 4m) above a ground. Suddenly, a wire snaps, promulgation her crashing to a belligerent head-first.

The impulse when a wire snaps, promulgation her plunging to a ground.Photo: YouTube

According to a Daily Mail, Panda strike a wooden theatre and pennyless her neck in several places from a impact.

Photo: YouTube

“I was in a center of an aerial hoop opening when a wire expelled and we fell approximately 3-4 meters to a belligerent conduct first,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I have damaged my C5 vertebrae, that means we pennyless my neck, detonate a discs between my C5 and C6 as good as C6 and C7, and those are pulling into my spinal cord.

“I also had to get 8 stitches in my head. we am hospitalised during a moment. we am not paralysed and can pierce my arms and legs, though we also can't travel yet. My spine can’t support my weight, and I’m flattering diseased and woozy.”

Her crony Olivia Leonie told a Daily Mail that a gifted performer “had pronounced a few times before that she didn’t feel gentle regulating a equipment, that it wasn’t safe. Her employers had an outward association in to check it was all protected and secure.”

A GoFundMe page has been set adult for Panda, to get her evacuated to Singapore or Taiwan for medicine after Bali doctors urged her to do so. 

She’s propitious to have transient with her life. A outline on a GoFundMe page set adult by her friend, says: “She somehow survived though has mixed fractures in her neck and a shard of bone stranded in her spinal cord that is preventing her from walking.”

The page combined that Panda’s employer won’t cover a medical evacuation, though a acrobat is racing opposite time: “the longer Sam stays in Bali, a aloft a risk that these debilitating injuries are irreversible.”

An refurbish on Monday (Nov 6) settled that Panda will be evacuated to Taipei this week for medicine as she has family there and it was intially suspicion that Panda would be lonesome by word in a country. However, she does not have medical word in Taiwan as her matrimony visa has expired.

According to a GoFundMe bio and their amicable media pages, Panda is married to Rocky Lee, a Taiwanese Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, who has been outspoken on Facebook about a miss of financial support from her employer, Finns Beach Club.

The bar has responded to a query by Coconuts Bali, stating that “all medical losses are being paid by Finns Bali”, though this has been doubtful by Panda’s friends on a crowdfunding page.

As of writing, $52,605 has been lifted from a GoFundMe page, above a $40,000 targeted. The income is approaching to go towards a medical depletion cost, plane tickets and overnight stay for Indonesian medical staff, ambulances and other fees, pronounced a statement.

In a post on her Facebook page on Nov 6, Panda wrote: “Why is it that out of all my hundreds and thousands of shows, a one that goes viral is a one we can’t even move myself to watch!?”

Photo: Facebook/Sam Panda

A video of a fall has so distant garnered some-more than 30,000 views on YouTube.


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