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IN all my years of travelling, I’ve never gifted a kind of generous acquire that we did a impulse we stepped feet into The Mandala House. Her arms far-reaching open in welcome, a lady, dim hair cascading down her back, stands during a opening of a villa, prepared to decorate me in a comfortable hug. It roughly feels like a reunion of dual long-lost friends nod any other after being detached for years.

“Welcome to your home divided from home!” she exclaims with a chuckle. Dini, as we learn her name to be, is a proprietor housekeeper. Her stairs jaunty, she leads me by a common entrance, that opens adult into a grand vital area that’s flooded with healthy object and “greened” with a accumulation of foliage.

Blending whites, wood, concrete, copper and shades of blue, a interior space, with a purify lines, is confidant nonetheless relaxing during a same time. A hold of a Manhattan lifestyle harmonised in a pleasant environment leaves me gaping in wonder. The judgment of The Mandala House, that non-stop a doors in Nov final year, is a alloy of styles from opposite cultures, tastes and lifestyles.

Its singular pattern denunciation warranted a villa a pretension of one of “The World’s Most Beautiful Homes” in Elle Decoration this year and it was also featured in a oppulance lifestyle and transport magazine, Conde Nast Traveller’s Hotlist 2017.

Nestled in a willing immature enclave of Berawa, The Mandala House was designed by one of Bali’s many gifted designers, Felipe Gonzalez of SUKYF Architects, a Bali-based Spanish architect, with interiors by Design 4 Corners. It’s located nearby Bali’s surfing bliss of Canggu. Constructed on a vast lot measuring 950 block metres a two-storey home comes with 5 atmospheric king-sized suites with en-suite facilities.

“Let me uncover we around!” enthuses Dini, her vehement difference rupturing into my reverie. From a tip library to a dark gym, a bubbly housekeeper is vigilant on highlighting a villa’s singular sum as good as a best spots for photo-taking. “You can try a rest by yourself!” she says, smiling. The endless debate usually serves to leave me with a bewilderment — with so most to learn about this place, would 4 days unequivocally be enough?


The object floods by my room as early as 6am, signalling a commencement of a code new day. Two hours pass by quickly after a brief examination during a groundwork gym and a discerning soak of a morning sun. It’s usually somewhat after 8am when we hear Dini’s contented voice resonate around a villa like a musical songbird.

“Good morning!” she greets me, a outrageous grin on her face.

Over breakfast, we learn that a 42-year-old singular mom hails from a tiny encampment in Bandung. After relocating to Bali over a decade ago, Dini juggled mixed jobs to support herself and her family behind home. Her portfolio is positively opposite — a dancer in restaurants, a nanny for a diabetic child, a clergyman in a kindergarten and a deli worker!

“When we came to this villa dual years ago, it was still underneath construction. Together with a owners and a few internal friends, we witnessed a realization of this residence from zero to apropos something truly amazing. we fell in adore with The Mandala House in that instance!” she confides happily.

The villa’s contemporary pattern proceed blends seamlessly with a adjacent rice fields, a sensuous landscaped gardens and a pool. Each territory of a skill offers a specific dilemma for that ideal nightfall environment or a best indentation for an Instagram-worthy picture.

When it came to a pattern brief, a villa’s owner, Ben Jones, who has a credentials in pattern and food and beverage, ensured that no mill would be left unturned. Taking into comment a steam of a space, a trail of a object and breeze direction, all corners of a villa was designed to constraint a unequivocally best of these healthy elements.

Different roof heights also offer to emanate a clarity of frolic in a interior spaces. Exposed Balinese petrify blocks make adult a categorical interior and extraneous component manifest from all a belligerent building rooms. The vast shifting potion doors in a vital room discharge any clarity of division between a indoors and outdoor while during a same time, permitting for uninformed atmosphere to enter, and also charity an unfettered perspective of a universe outside.

The lofty vital area located on a lowest turn opens adult to an huge space — simply ideal for fun times with a garland of friends or a still “me” time with a favourite book.

Meanwhile, on a tip level, a open-plan kitchen finish with an island in a centre, with a white marble top, timber tones and standout copper lighting fixture, is positively attention-grabbing. Just behind it, a collection of books and lead trinkets supplement some personal touches to a lush villa. Right subsequent to a marble opposite is a genuine palm tree, planted to imply a thought of being closer to nature.

If there’s one thing that’s even some-more extraordinary about a villa is a fact that all a 5 bedrooms and a vital area competition opposite themes. “This is a steel room embellished in steel decorations and darker tones. Every lavatory has opposite designs and tiles too,” shares Dini with pride, before withdrawal me to my possess devices.

I confirm to compensate a revisit to a master bedroom, that I’d been sensitive leans towards a some-more pleasant Mediterranean style. It seems that a villa combines a hint of a owner’s celebrity with a Mediterranean sensibility of a architect’s, and a internal Balinese pleasant concept. The multiple of astonishing styles has resulted in a new pattern denunciation that has done The Mandala House a rarely renouned end among visitors from all over a world.

Outside, a object is solemnly commencement to set. “I need to locate that sunset,” we fuss to myself as we leave a room, creation a beeline for a vital room. There, we find myself mesmerized by a steer of a potion panels surrounding a vital area, that have now incited bronze from a golden rays of a forward sun. Excitedly, we make my approach out to a insinuate garden square that faces a neat fallen bar, that is integrated with a pool. The H2O too glints with a golden glow. Truly, The Mandala House is honourable of a accolades. It unequivocally is a pleasing home divided from home.

The Mandala House

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu Permai, Anggrek Plot 5, Canggu, Indonesia.

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