9 singular hotels in Bali: holiday in a bubble, a safari lodge, bamboo bungalows, and more

Bali’s famous for being such a hip vacation end that infrequently it’s tough to find a mark to truly relax and chill, divided from the sweat-dripping crowds and their pleasant cocktails.

So if you’d like to shun to a opposite kind of resort that offers some genuine peace, check out a list of singular hotels, that embody burble rooms, a safari lodge, and copiousness of eco-friendly bamboo bungalows. They’re not usually small exhausted sanctuaries – they’re also worlds detached from any of a soulless hotel bondage sparse all around the island.

Bambu Indah

Photo: Bambu Indah/Facebook

Sustainable liberality best describes this eco-chic Ubud retreat, that started with usually 11 ancestral Javanese teak spousal homes that founders John and Cynthia Hardy easy and brought to Bali in 2005. They’ve combined 4 some-more to their collection given afterwards – including bamboo tree houses – any with a opposite thesis and design, from whimsical and friendly to colorful and vibrant. There’s a ultra private and luxurious, too, if you’re some-more into that kind of thing. To switch things up, we can even stay in a opposite room any night (but take note that prices can boost quickly, depending on that choice we choose).

Stroll around a drift and you’ll confront an organic unfeeling and herb garden, an environmentally-friendly swimming pool built with recyclable and healthy materials, regard decks nestled among a trees, a grill portion normal Indonesian cuisine, and views of a Ayung River, with outlandish trinkets from a couples’ travels sparse around a resort.

Banjar Baung, Desa Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar. +62 (0) 361 977 922. Reservations@bambuindah.com. Rates from US$95/night.


Bubble Hotel

Photo: Bubble Hotel Bali/Facebook

Now we can literally live in a burble on a sensuous island of Bali during this ridiculously romantic-sounding experience. Seriously, these pure spheres have all we need for some good peculiarity integrate time – a night underneath wink stars, with overwhelming views of a sea and a assent that comes when you’re surrounded by zero though inside greenery.

However, not to detonate your burble — though take note that you’ll be sleeping in a closeness of other burble tents (so pull those curtains), and a showering and toilet comforts are tucked divided in a jungle, that means we might be doing business with wildlife examination we and insects buzzing around you. Perhaps this judgment works improved as a one-night special – after all, it’s not any day we get to cuddle in a giant, see-through igloo.

Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu. Rates around US$102/night.


Green Village

Photo: Green Village Bali/Facebook

A tolerable encampment of bamboo villas and houses, any with a possess singular pattern and structure, this marvel is designed by a IBUKU team, helmed by Elora Hardy, a daughter of a integrate behind Bambu Indah. (She indeed combined a encampment in partnership with her father.)

It’s a flattering fantastic sight, gazing during these beautiful architectural wonders housing luxe amenities and seat domestic from healthy materials found in Bali. The stout structures lay by a corner of a Ayung River, nearby a Green School, a private establishment that focuses on a training of tolerable living, and a bamboo bureau – both of that guest can tour. Another plus: If we find yourself demure to leave, we can always squeeze your possess mark of jungle luxury.

Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal – Badung. +62 811 392 2254. Tour@greenvillagebali.com. Rates from US$97/night.


Hideout Bali

Photo: Hideout Bali/Facebook

Ensconced in a alpine segment of Gunung Agung, Hideout Bali is another eco-friendly bamboo bower along halcyon riverbanks and rice fields. Started by a Czech couple, a isolated panorama bliss is home to a two-story bamboo bungalow, a form of nation place we shun to for waste when you’re feeling impressed by life.

It comes with a entirely versed kitchen, a vital area with a unresolved hammock, and an outward shower, though no AC. To keep yourself assigned (if we get wearied of a quiet), a residence is filled with books, low-pitched instruments, and residence games.

In a same garden of bamboo houses, there’s also Hideout Lightroom – a complicated and musty structure – and a latest, Hideout Beehive, that facilities a private pool and a pitch in a premises.

Jalan Alas Tunggal , Selat Duda, Karangasem. Hideoutbali@gmail.com. Rates from US$165/night.


Mara River Safari Lodge

Photo: Mara River Safari Lodge/Facebook

For those vital in Southeast Asia who can’t bear to dump brew on a outing to South Africa’s stately safaris, here’s a furious knowledge right in your backyard. The Mara River Safari Lodge is situated in a Bali Safari Marine Park, with easily kitted out bedrooms and balconies so we can get into a safari pitch of things though sacrificing your comfy bed and AC. If you’re propitious enough, we might even get to mark some animals erratic around outward your terrace.

Park acknowledgment is nominal for guests, and we can opt for breakfast with a lions before we bound on a tram to revisit a animals in their healthy habitats.

Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km, Gianyar. +62 361 479 1800. Reservation@marariversafarilodge.com. Rates from US$161/night.


NewEarth Haven Bali

Photo: NewEarthHaven/Facebook

On the same premises with organic vegan corner Akasha Restaurant Juice Bar, this bio-architecture two-story architecture done from bamboo and other healthy materials is surrounded by rice paddies, with views of jungle foliage. There’s Wi-Fi on site, though who needs that when you’ve got a perspective of a landscape during your doorway and a radiant stars from a skylight?

It’s usually 10 mins from Ubud in a outskirts, though it might as good be hours, given it’s in such a dark oasis. Ideal for couples, and generally couples seeking still for a few nights.

Jalan N Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang, Gianyar. +62 813 3888 5397. Rates from US$77/night.


JungleRoom Bali

Photo: Jungle Room Bali/Facebook

Holiday with inlet during your doorstep, with one private villa and 6 in a review complex, all tucked divided in a greenery of Canggu. If we consider these accommodations demeanour like desirable wooden bungalows, that’s since some of them are decades-old joglos brought here from Sumatra and Java, and afterwards painstakingly restored.

From an racial wooden residence detailed with an individualist brew of artifacts to a whitewashed friendly nation home with views of a stream to a lodge with an indoor swing, any residence has a possess celebrity and quirk, consistent normal Balinese enlightenment and boho beach vibes beautifully.

Jl. Raya Uma Buluh 14, Canggu, Badung. +62 812 3969 6629. Info@jungleroombali.com. Rates from US$97/night.


Le Pirate

Photo: Le Pirate/Facebook

Connected to a island of Nusa Lembongan around a famous “Indiana Jones”-style dangling bridge, Nusa Ceningan is a willing island encircled by bluish waters. Sitting on a low precipice right by a beach, Le Pirate is usually about one of a many photogenic Caribbean-style vacation homes we can find in Bali.

It’s mostly a beach bar with small bungalows that demeanour picture-worthy — however, they’re small and usually have a basis of what we need for a two-night stay (that’s a minimum). But hey, we get ocean views while lounging around, and activities like snorkeling, diving, and surfing, so there’s never a lifeless moment.

Nusa Ceningan, Lembongan. Rates from US$50/night.


Secret Wooden House

Photo: Secret wooden house/Airbnb

By distant a many wallet-friendly on a list, Bali’s “secret wooden house” is indeed a cluster of poetic small antique-looking teak houses re-designed into cottages, set in a garden multiplying with banana and coconut trees, as good as spices and flowers.

Five old-fashioned cabins are accessible (meaning there’s a possibility we could strike into your neighbors unresolved out on their porch), all furnished with teak seat done from recycled wood, and tucked divided usually adequate to keep we from a dispatch and discord of a traveller crowds.

Jalan Gunung Soputan No. 99a Gang Dukuh Anyar, Denpasar. Rates from US$22/night.

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