70 Years After Inventing a Bikini, Réard Is Still Making Must Have Swimwear

71 years after Louis Réard debuted the bikini, Réard, a code named for a designer, re-launched this year, appointing Celine Adler—a former Chloe designer—as their artistic director. In 1946 post-war Europe, Réard not usually combined a mantle that embodied autonomy and leisure to women, yet also a chronological miracle in women’s conform and lifestyle. Today, Adler is infusing new life to a chronological code with her ability for conceptualizing to intensify a womanlike from by morality as her idea to re-establishing Réard’s bequest by undying pattern for today’s woman. The swimsuits are clean, complicated and delicate with a enchanting French touch. Adler tells us where she vacations, what she is reading, and her comprehensive don’t during a beach.

What is your favorite beach?

Lombok, a small island near Bali only ideal for diving, or Cala Rossa near Porto Vecchio in Corsica, that has a many ideal beach restaurant, Le Cabanon Bleu.

What is your favorite thing to go pre and post beach?

First we always select my swimsuits. we change during slightest twice a day and always brew and compare my bikinis. After, we have a full post beach slight as we adore to spend time to prepared for evenings out. Usually we start by holding a prolonged showering to uphold my skin and hair before selecting my outfit for a night.
Do we cite a pool or a beach and why? 
Definitely the beach, because I adore to go diving. we cite to be active during my holidays as it’s definitely tough for me to only lay on a beach chair and do nothing.

What do we always move to a beach? 
Very good sunscreen, insurance mist for my hair, a book, magazines and my phone: if we am not diving I’m looking for new inspirations for Réard.
How does your favorite beach enthuse your work? 
When we go to Corsica we see a same Parisian girls who enthuse me in a city yet in a some-more loose environment. Parisian girls tend to have a specific character so I suppose if they can consolidate a collection and wear a pieces on their holidays and go from there.
How would we character your swimsuit from a beach to a night out? 
A black matter one-piece swimsuit with high-waisted light blue denim and really minimal black sandals. High heels for cooking and flats to dance!
What is your ultimate do and don’t during a beach? 
Dare to wear clever matter swimsuits! Unlike prepared to wear, we can’t play with layering and shapes with swimwear, so be confidant in with a colors and sum on your swimsuit. Pieces like a high-waisted bikini or a one shoulder swimsuit with a clever fact are extraordinary options. Don’t try to be too sexy! You can find a change between being artistic and adventurous while gripping transparent from being provocative and too suggestive. But maybe this is my personal cultured since we am French!

Which swimsuit anxiety has shabby we most? 
I’m propitious that we have such a vast repository from a strange Louis Réard collections. As these were from 1946 yet to 1980 a stream work continues the vintage feel from his original designs. we am also shabby by a poolside work of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, for me they are both witty and iconic photographers. Not too serious which we like display clever and eccentric women carrying fun!
What is your favorite memory during a beach? 
Two years ago, we visited Mykonos with my 3-year-old son. We sat looking during a sunset, with no one around us. It was so peaceful, a sound of a waves and a forlorn beach.
What are we reading this summer? 
At a moment, I’m reading a autobiography of Angelica Huston. It’s set in a period of time that we would adore to live in.

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