7 Best Retirement Locations in Indonesia and The Cost of Property

Retirement does not usually meant a indicate where a chairman stops working. The definition of a word ‘retirement’ might change for any person. However, retirement is mostly seen as a final idea where one can live happily though carrying to worry about anything.

That said, retirement needs a lot of formulation and preparations, generally for those who aim for abroad retirement. Cityscapes might be a categorical reason for many people, however it is also improved to know some-more about a cities and their skill prices. Here are 7 of a best locations in Indonesia and how most their properties cost.


  • Wonosobo, Central Java

Wonosobo is a regency filled with healthy beauties, there’s no doubt about it. For those who unequivocally adore Indonesia’s outlandish sceneries though hatred a wet temperature, Wonosobo might be a right plcae for you.

The regency is located among a hills, and a northern area is a partial of a Dieng plateau, a traveller favourite. Moreover, Wonosobo regency is usually a three-hour expostulate from a Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The regency is home to around 810,000 and 81,000 within a Wonosobo district.

According to Urbanindo.com, an online portal for shopping and offered houses, prices in Wonosobo Regency operation between Rp.260 million (US$20,000) for a 63-square-metre aspect area to Rp.700 million (US$52,000) for a 110-square-metre aspect area.  


  • Uluwatu, Bali


Uluwatu is a best choice for those who suffer a disturb of surfing on a daily basis

Bali has prolonged been famous among foreigners for a beauty and home comforts. The bliss island is also deliberate to be one of a world’s best places to retire.

Each segment in Bali has a opposite personality. Home to many roller beaches, Uluwatu is a best choice for those who suffer a disturb of surfing on a daily basis.

Located on a south western tip of Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu is sincerely tiny compared to other areas in Bali. Due to a vital location, residence prices in Uluwatu, Badung, can be deliberate some-more costly starting from approximately Rp.1 billion (US$75,000) with a sum aspect area of 105 block metres.


  • Sanur, Bali

Sanur was one of a initial few tiny towns to attract unfamiliar tourists when Bali’s celebrity began to peak. Only a 30 notation expostulate from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Sanur is located in a southeast of a island.

For many, a outing to Bali is deficient though a revisit to Sanur. Its pleasing beach stretches from Bali’s collateral city, Denpasar. With easy entrance available, visitors can both travel and expostulate when exploring a area.

Sanur is filled with abounding restaurants featuring a best of normal Indonesian dishes as good as culinary tastes from around a world.

Foreigners who marry internal adults might find land prices during Rp.6.5 million (US$488) per block metre. House prices operation from Rp.400 million (US$30,000) for 100-square-metre aspect area to Rp.1.5 billion (US$112 million) for during slightest 200-square-metre aspect area.

Foreigners might also buy villas in Sanur with aloft prices starting from Rp.2.2 billion (US$165,000).


  • Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Home to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, Lombok tourism has flourished over a past few years. Lombok is thick with greenery and a famous Rinjani towering in a tip easterly side of a island.

Lombok is really pacific and a cost of vital might be deliberate really cheap. Similar to Bali, many expats or foreigners select to live in Lombok while doing business in a tourism zone such as using restaurants, hotels or agriculture.

To tip it off, a Indonesian supervision has been intensively improving Lombok’s infrastructure, easing liveability and accessibility.

An normal of 110 block metres of aspect area might be found during prices starting from Rp.550 million (US$41,300). If we aim to possess a vast villa, we might also wish to set aside during slightest Rp.3.5 billion (US$262,000) for 1,170 block metres of aspect area.


  • Special Region of Yogyakarta

Another good city for abroad retirement is a famous university city of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta suits those who find to live in a pacific and loose atmosphere, nonetheless still have entrance to a modernities of a vital city.

Yogyakarta suits those who find to live in a pacific and loose atmosphere

Yogyakarta suits those who find to live in a pacific and loose atmosphere

The cost of vital in Yogyakarta is famous to be really affordable. Healthcare, including dentistry, can cost usually a hundred thousand rupiahs, while a dish in a mid-range grill can cost around Rp. 80,000 (US$6) for dual people.

You might also find 110 block metre houses with a cost operation of Rp.825 million (US$62,000) on average. Apartment units are also sole with a cost operation of Rp.450 million (US$33,000) to Rp.650 million (US$48,000) on average.  


  • Lembang, West Java

For those looking to live among a country’s pleasing hills, though anticipating to leave a cold and crowds alone, Lembang is a beautiful destination. Locals have been flocking to a area lately, preoccupied by Maribaya, filled with waterfalls and parks. The famous Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is also a steer to behold.

Lembang is also home to a much-loved De Ranch. It is usually a dual hour expostulate from Bandung.

Additionally, houses in Lembang are mostly vast with an normal cost of Rp.2 billion (US$150,000) for a 140-square-metre aspect area.


  • Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Balikpapan has a race over 700,000 and tons of oil and mining businesses, so for those in a zone a city can be a drawcard. At initial glance, Balikpapan might not seem like much, though a cleanliness and light trade are dual qualities that make it really opposite from Jakarta.

The cost of vital in Balikpapan is identical to a Special Region of Yogyakarta, with a unchanging lunch costing around Rp.50,000 (US$3.76) per person.

Houses in Balikpapan can cost a small bit some-more than Yogyakarta, Lembang and Lombok. For a 45 block metre house, we might find an normal cost of Rp.1.3 billion (US$97,000). Additionally, section prices are approximately Rp.140 million (US$10,500) for an 18-square-metre unit.




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