6 Incredible Indonesian destinations that aren’t Bali

Bali has unequivocally strike a large time in tourist numbers in new years, and customarily looks to continue attack a ever-larger targets. Yet, as some-more group to a Island of a Gods, a warning is rising; a worry that it’s apropos a plant of a success.

Despite all a craziness, we still really many adore Bali—but infrequently a outing to a quieter, less-commercialized and sprawling end is in order.

Here, on interest of all savvy travelers, we demeanour during where in Indonesia (with a 6,000 inhabited islands) could be a subsequent large thing, an choice Bali. Better get there before they get too big, as a series of them tumble on a government’s list of priority destinations to be developed.

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

Lemo (Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia), famous wake site with coffins placed in caves forged into a rock, rhythmical by balconies of dressed wooden statues, images of a passed persons (called tau tau). Photo: iStock

Boat-shaped roofs, emerald rice paddies and jungle-clad hills make Tana Toraja an apparent aspirant to Bali. Inhabited for centuries by Toraja folk who, until recently were animists, their famous cliff-graves are rhythmical by wooden effigies that are frightful and endearing in equal measure. If we can, try to locate a funeral. Even bigger than their Balinese equivalents, they mostly final weeks and, interjection to Dutch companion efforts, tend to be accompanied by Christian prayers.

Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat
The stately Raja Ampat. Photo: Flickr

One of a best diving locations in a nation that’s famous for possessing for some of a world’s finest, Raja Ampat hosts roughly 75 percent of a world’s coral class and over 1,000 class of fish. Lying in a Coral Triangle, that includes waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, and a Solomon Islands, it’s fast stuffing with select hotels and eco-resorts – a arrange that would chuck shade on even a swankiest tools of a Maldives.


A immature orangutan chills out in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Photo: iStock

The Indonesian name for a tools of Borneo it owns (roughly 75 percent), in Kalimantan it’s customarily a rivers that pour with trade rather than a roads. Carpeted in jungle and braggadocio tools that could still systematise as undiscovered territory, a regions are many famous for a orangutan parks that large volunteers assistance at, as good as a particular prolonged houses of a internal Dayak tribes.

Danau Toba, Sumatra

Lake Toba
Samosir Island, Lake Toba. Photo: iStock

A mosaic of sapphire blues and sensuous greens in a volcanic highlands of Sumatra, Danau (Lake) Toba classifies as a largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Even currently travelers lapse from Tuk Tuk, a encampment on a lake’s middle island, and speak as if they had witnessed some arrange of Indonesian ‘Avalon.’ Though all Pulau Samosir is value exploring, many gaunt towards hammocks, party-boats and lake-swims, rather than prohibited springs, tombs and motorbikes.

Banda Islands, Maluku

Banda Islands
A beautiful perspective over a Banda Islands. Photo: iStock

A cluster of 10 islands that lay on a corner of a Banda Sea, a Banda Islands are a eminent “Spice Islands” of European historymainly since they shaped a world’s customarily source of nutmeg. And they’re still “off a map” todayor almost. Receiving customarily a few vessel visits any month (though we can sinecure little private planes if you’re make-up that kind of cash), it can mostly feel like there are some-more sea creatures off a Bandas, than people on them. At slightest this means when we do get there, however, a mini bliss awaits.


Komodo Islands
An aerial perspective of a island ‘Pulau Padar’ during a famous Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Flore’s pier city Labuan Bajo is a discerning vessel float from Komodo and is a many renouned depart indicate on a island to a inhabitant park. Photo: iStock

Situated in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara, a volcanic spine of Flores soars to Alpine heights. And it’s turn famous in a final integrate of years interjection mostly to a Komodo National Park, that hovers nearby a west coast, as good as Kelimutu’s chameleonic lakes (that fable binds change colors to fit a volcano’s moods). While, identical to Bali in many ways (it’s one of a Lesser Sunda Islands, too, for instance), Flores seems a universe divided from Bali, dotted with hull of Portuguese fortresses, coffee crops and Catholic churches, rather than Bali’s soaring Hindu temples, rice paddies and splendid parasols.

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