3 Key Points To Pique Your Interests For “Youn’s Kitchen 2”

“Youn’s Kitchen 2” is set to open a doors tonight on Jan 5 during 9:50 p.m. KST. Following a recognition of a initial season, a expel and organisation headed out to a city of Garachico on Tenerife Island to see if they could win over a locals with Korean food.

The success of a initial deteriorate was especially due to a uncover being a new kind of food module that hadn’t been seen before as it set out abroad to deliver foreigners to Korean food. There was a disturb in saying what people suspicion of bulgogi and either it was a plate that could be desired globally. Also, as a array was filmed in Bali, viewers felt like they were going on a vacation whenever a uncover aired.

So how is the second deteriorate formulation to captivate viewers? Here are three things to get we vehement for a show.

1. New worker Park Seo Joon

An actor we’re used to as a lead in dramas has motionless to seem in a accumulation show. In dramas, he’s stolen a hearts of viewers as he goes from regretful to stylish to mischievous depending on what purpose he’s playing. As Park Seo Joon has frequency finished appearances on accumulation shows in a past, viewers have naturally turn extraordinary to know what Park Seo Joon is like in genuine life. It’s still misleading only how identical or different the actor is from what has been shown by dramas. Therefore, expectation is high as finding who Park Seo Joon unequivocally is will be a prominence of a show.

2. Will Spanish people like Korean food?

According to an research finished by psychologist Geert Hofstede on inhabitant character, it was found that Taiwan is a many identical to Korea in terms of inhabitant character, while Spain ranked sixth in similarity. This means that Korea and Spain have comparatively identical inhabitant character. Whether this will interpret into Spanish people enjoying a Korean food that “Youn’s Kitchen 2” prepared is nonetheless to be seen.

3. A town, not a vacation spot

While “Youn’s Kitchen” was set in a vacation spot, “Youn’s Kitchen 2” trafficked to a tiny city called Garachico. The pros of going to Bali, as formerly mentioned, was giving viewers a feeling that they were on vacation. This also meant that a infancy of guest during a grill were tourists who were visiting from all over a world. Meanwhile, “Youn’s Kitchen 2” is set in a town, that means that many of their business will be locals who live there. The expel might even attract regulars, or some might move their neighbors along. This could give a expel an event to get to know their business on a deeper level, which might emanate an engaging and heartwarming knowledge for everyone.

It stays to be seen either “Youn’s Kitchen 2” will suffer a same success as a predecessor, though expectation is high for a uncover due to a success of a initial season. It might be that a fourth thing to keep an eye on is either a second deteriorate will be means to transcend a first.

The initial part of “Youn’s Kitchen” will atmosphere on Jan 5 during 9:50 p.m. KST.

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