3 Hidden Beaches in Bali

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – You might mostly event on offers on Bali tourism packages to a garden park attraction, lush resorts, mainstream beaches, and informative attractions.

But do we know that Bali has several dark surprises and tip beaches that are formidable to reach? Here are a 3 dark gems in Bali that are severe to revisit though are value each in. of a healthy beauty once we get there.

1. Nyang Nyang Beach

This beach is located in Pecatu Village located in South Kuta, Badung. This mark was recently nominated by CNN Travel International as a best beach to revisit in 2018.

Nyang Nyang is a customarily beach in Indonesia enclosed in a list of best beaches that go corresponding with Thailand’s Railay Beach, Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, and Sant Sebastia Beach in Spain.

Tempo had a possibility to revisit Nyang Nyang beach in Mar of 2017 before it was awarded as one of a best beaches in a world. We trafficked to a place with a assistance of internal beam Gede Arya who showed us a severe track to a beach. The entrance highway heading to a beach was a limestone sand road.

Visitors will be faced with a kilometer downhill territory to strech a beach.

2. Campuhan Ridge Walk

The beauty of Campuhan in Ubud recently went viral in amicable media with 11,000 images of a place common by Instagram with a hashtag #bukitcampuhan.

Several transport influencers that are on a arise such as Kadekarini and Anggey Anggraini have also posted several photos of them visiting a plcae with a healthy terraces in a background. Tempo also visited this plcae in a initial week of Feb this year. It turns out that this singular mark isn’t easy to find.

Campuhan is an hour expostulate from a City of Denpasar. But we can also float a convey train from Kuta Beach. Once we arrive during Ubud Market, there are no central signs that can approach we to Campuhan Ridge Walk, digital maps also miss information on a entrance roads to get there.

The closest plcae with Campuhan that can be accessed by motorized vehicles is customarily adult to Kafe Karsa that is located behind lush villas in a Ubud farming area. Once we arrive during a café, we will be faced with dual choice roads by paddy fields or by a passed finish highway only 500 meters from a café.

Both entrance roads are utterly severe in a nature. You would have to travel dual kilometers adult and downhill footpaths.

3. Green Bowl Beach

This place used to be a secretly owned beach. It is located not too distant from Nyang Nyang, during Ungasan Village to be exact.

Similar to Nyang Nyang, Green Bowl is located approach underneath a cliff. Visitors contingency travel down a 300 staircase to strech a beach that according to internal proprietor Made was found in Mar of 2017. The plcae was primarily swarming by unfamiliar tourists before it was widely famous by a public.

According to Made, tourists customarily revisit a beach to roller a clever currents and waves. The beach itself isn’t immeasurable though is still really most maintained.

Francisca Christy Rosana

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